• “Introduction to Dogsledding”
  • “Introduction to Dogsledding”

Half Day and Full Day Tours

Tours meet at our kennel on the outskirts of Millinocket. The program includes meeting the huskies, taking
photos, Q&A, etc.

Afterwards, we harness up a team or two and mush 10-12 miles in the forest and lake wilderness just south of Baxter Park, with Mt Katahdin rising spectacularly in the background.

Mid-way, we stop and build an open fire, boil water, feed the dogs, etc. Everyone, including kids, can take a turn on the runners driving the sled.

You’ll have the choice of actually driving the sled or riding as a passenger.

No Prior Experience Necessary.

Our sled dogs are our extended family and a very important part of our daily lives, year-round. Over the past 30 years, we have traveled 60,000 miles by dog team in remote wilderness areas of Maine, Canada, and Alaska As guides, we’ve taught hundreds of folks with little or no outdoor experience to mush dogs and be comfortable and safe in our northern winter environment.

As sled dog racers, Angel was the first women to win the Sandwich Notch 60, placing first in 1988 and ’89. We are also veterans of the 1995 “Yukon Quest” 1000 mile race, placing 9th and receiving the “Vets Choice Award” for the best cared for dog team.  More recently, we’ve placed 1st in the “Labrador 400” mile event in Canada, and we are 3-time winners of Maine’s “Can-Am Crown” 250 mile race.