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Packing List

(for half day & full day Tours)

It's important to dress as warmly as possible. Please use the comments below as a basic guide. OTHER ITEMS - Day pack, trail snacks, water, sports drinks, thermos bottle w/tea, cocoa or coffee. Camera, sunglasses or ski goggles, hand & foot warmers

Packing List

(for 2 day tour)

Clothing: Temperatures can vary between +40F and -20F, so it is best to be able to put on and take off clothes as needed. "Layering" is the best way to maintain a comfortable body temperature during alternating periods of activity and rest. A hooded parka assures total comfort during long breaks.

Recommended Fabrics: Wool, polyester pile, thinsulate, down or synthetic down (polarguard, Hollofil, Fiberfill, etc.) for outer clothing. Wool, polypropylene, or similar materials that "wick away" body moisture are best for inner clothes.

Insulated Boots: Rubber-bottomed, leather-top boots with full foot felt liners are best. The best known maker is "Sorel". They should be large enough to wear with 2 pair of heavy wool socks. Bring an extra pair of felt liners.



4 pair wool socks
2 sets long underwear
wool shirt or sweater
hooded parka
windbreaker/wind pants
knitted wool cap
heavy mittens

insulated boots
several pairs of gloves


Other Items

Sleeping Bag (20F or warmer rating)
daypack or waist pack
goggles/ sunglasses
thermos bottle

water bottle
hand and foot warmers

lunch food (trail mix, etc)



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