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Half Day and Full Day Tours

  "An Introduction to Dogsledding"


          $475 half day/ full day $725,

     per group  (1-4 people)


Half Day tours meet at our kennel on the outskirts of Millinocket. The program includes meeting the huskies, taking photos, Q&A, etc. Afterwards, we harness up a team or two and mush 15 miles in the forest and lake wilderness just south of Baxter Park, with Mt Katahdin rising spectacularly in the background. Mid-day, we stop and build an open fire, boil water, feed the dogs, etc. Everyone, including kids, can take a turn on the runners driving the sled.


2-Day Dogsledding Trip Package

"Drive your own sled" "

(Custom Scheduling.....Dec 27 thru March 20)

$875/person...  includes meals, lodging, guiding, and dogs!
no experience neccesary      2 people only, plus guide     1 person per sled


This trip is the "real deal"...a hands-on dogsled trip for those interested in being fully involved in driving and managing their own 5-6 dog team. With one person per sled, and only 2 clients per trip, we are able to travel more comfortably, explore further, and cover more miles in a variety of terrain. There's more time for personalized attention and one on one instruction in the finer points of mushing. Guests usually lodge in Millinocket the night before(Baxter Park Inn 207-723-9777) Next morning, we meet at our kennel just outside town for a short orientation (check out clothing & gear, meet the dogs, sled driving lesson, etc) Soon we are on the trail, mushing 25 miles into our warm, comfortable wilderness cabins on Nahmakanta Lake  We spend the night here, then spend the second day mushing another 25 miles back to town by a different trail. Mid-day, we always build a big open fire to warm up. boil water for tea, feed the dogs, etc. In two days. We cover 50-60 miles of the most beautiful forest and lake trails in the East !


"New for 2017"    3-Day Package   $1175/person


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